Monaco – Montecarlo

Monaco – Montecarlo

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The Principality of Monaco is the 2nd smallest State in the World and given the small area it borders only France for three quarters, while to the south-east it faces the Mediterranean; it is located as the crow flies not even 10 km from Liguria. The location and, above all, the tax concessions have made Monaco one of the most popular places for wealthy people, many sportsmen for example have their residence here.

Description of the property

Villa Empyrèe is an independent villa in Monaco, Jardin Exotique. It has been renovated in 2014-2017 and actually it is divided in three apartments. A studio ca. 25 mq; an apartment  ca. 35 mq . Both apartments have the access direct to the garden. The third apartment is located at the ground and first floor. It is a duplex apartment  ca. 140 mq. . All the three apartments can be used for private hosue or for office. There are also four parking outside.

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  • Prezzo: Euro 9.500.000,00

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